Monday, June 30, 2008

Ready to go to bed early

Dessert after gespacho for dinner

Crossing the Burlington Street Bridge, going west

Winding Trail at north east corner of Lindquist Center

Riding past Shaffer Hall

Riding toward Shaffer Hall

Riding south, toward Shaffer Hall

Riding home, view of Old Capitol

Snacking on dry peas

"Just Peas" from

The elevator is broken today

Call Waiting

Somehow the phone fell off the wall today. Someone propped it up in the corner.

At my desk

Due to network problems, today's postings were delayed. I am in the process of correcting these now.

Riding north past Main Post Office

Riding dirt trail north along Riverside Drive, south of Hwy. 6

Leaving Amoco on Hwy. 6, driving to Hertz to return car

Ten Thousand Villages, fair trade crafts store in Iowa City

Arriving at Crowded Closet

Leaving off two winter coats and winter socks.

Driving East on Benton Street Bridge, crossing the Iowa River

Going to Crowded Closet Again

Leaving office, going to Mobile Hermitage

West on Burlington Street, crossing Dodge Street

Returning to office

Making delivery on east side of Iowa City

Telephone off the hook, and off the wall

Somehow the phone came off the wall today.

Arriving at office

Found an available parking spot, right in front of the building, with
90 minutes on the parking meter.

Leaving the Post Office

Leaving Crowded Closet

Leaving off a batch of old clothing items (pants, jeans, and shirts) that were too small.

Staying Hydrated

Driving to Crowded Closet

Sunny day in Iowa City

Exhaust Fan (portrait)

Exhaust Fan (landscape)

The Lodge

Put extra bike lock with bike

Clothes have been unloaded. Gathered surplus clothes for donating at
Crowded Closet.

Going to drop off clothes at Mobile Hermitage

Moving boxes

Quick energy boost before moving boxes

Arriving downtown






Early morning skyline